The disease is characterized by multiple foci of congestion and both

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and of a feetid odour ; also a ha;niorrliage occurring during the progress ot

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This is recorded, he says, for the sake of information,

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tory, etc. This has been done, but no facts of especial interest

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the hemorrhages are mechanical by-products resulting from the

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about five months had elapsed. The subject of this accident was a

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apparatus of accommodation of two kinds — firstly, as to the

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very simple and inexpensive manner for skin localization.

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to another category. The presence also of circulatory impedi-

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'■'"Brit. Med. Journ.," Dec. 5, 1896; '5" Med. Rec," Apr. 10, 1897:

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history of medical treatment for 6 weeks during August and Sep-

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diet? Dr. Campbell wrote on the surgical treatment of abstinate

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or even overlap one another. The tactile fremitus is decreased or absent over

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felt, is situated between the nipple and the umbilicus in front,

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immediate autopsy showed that the heart had largely lost its

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4. Al.bott, H. .7. Monthly Weather Review, Vol. XXVII.,

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etiology and Pathology.— There is a consensus of opinion that in

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cured by the remedy employed. Again, the paroxysms cease, in some cases,

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ships, in the field, in an army encampment, or an isolated well.

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The chief point in view in recording the above case is to qualify a statement

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that the protection inherited or given by an attack

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than one, their actions are sometimes simultaneous, but more

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and coarse vegetables excepted — she is permitted to eat

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Professor J. H. Woodbury, and was full of excellent advice to the

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scientific research upon the special article on which they spoke, the scien-

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got up in play hours when the regular lectures were over. It

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operation when properly performed is not dangerous, we may look upon edema

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advanced life with no effect on the general system, no

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been discovered. A partial diagnosis means that while some of

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