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general hospital. He e.xeepted small pox cases holding as he did

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matter of history Had it not been for the earnest able work

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and paralysis of the external rectus. Swift has obtained positive results

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of one remedy to act or else actual untoward result

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In the Riforma Medica of Januarj ith and th Dr. Vittorio Gas

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A more severe type is commonly seen. The cough is fre

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treatment and definite regulations as to their subsequent supervision.

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much and feed well to build up the physical condition. In

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profuse diuresis diminution of the pathological elements of the urine dis

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containing of the purest Liquid Paraffin with Cream of Malt and the

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He gives no history of rheumatism. The urine was scanty high

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depend simultaneously upon the habits of its host and upon the other

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where the uterus was flexible or nonattached by shortening

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attributable to the results of a defective knowledge of English.

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should be slow in accepting so called new diseases in this

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The significance of the recent work of Mott Ford Eobertson and

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Soap and Sugar No.. Soap and brown sugar make a poul

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exhibition. Of course the sanitary condition of the ulcer was

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that this treatment has received general recognition

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Its Practical Application. That the influence of mind

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friable or rotten or it is thickened tense and unyielding from

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with the sub Sophageal ganglion of the Umax and other gastero

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so little manifest that its pathological states usually pass

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