In four weeks, to my astonishment, the hones icere not only restored,
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Case. — Mr. B. T. Beal, ozt. twenty-five, of Springfield, Tuolumne Coun-
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conductor, are productive of changes at its other extremity,
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heat, cold, light, mechanical irritants and corrosives — affect
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that is to be feared ; and if the threads are not permitted to remain
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from a brewery). Rousseau had previously made known
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in Calcutta. In idiopathic cases, it most frequently resulted
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than when begun, and only responds to the stimulus in much
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and peculiarities, which are valuable guides for adapting our treatment
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of an hour, and generally not even live minutes, without a
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odor, but it is always of precisely the same kind — exactly sim-
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" I arrive at this conclusion : the idea and the designation of an
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proportion, the liver is compelled to work beyond its powers
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tor — the seat of the University, but the medical department must, of ne-
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structions should be given to use the douche very gently.
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Treatment. The treatment of gastric ulcer of the stomach
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tomy, or gastro-enterostomy is indicated. If there is a com-
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brought before the public for the cure of seminal emissions, we
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now carefully drawn together, and the incisions opened with hooks,
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Case of an Extra Uterine Foetus, Retained Forty Years. Reported
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