animal tissues, that is, on dead or dying tissues, or on mineral and in-

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ing mechanical strain, diseases associated with, high arterial tension,

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as well as in adroitness and courage. Even yet, however, the influence

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Such waves of high temperature recur at uncertain intervals. No doubt

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— show little or no tendency to abscess formation. Let there be primary

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Directors are rightly severe in refusing applicants found to be tricky

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PHTSfciAira In any aectfon of the United States can procure ten quills charged with Pvaa Vaccirx

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ulcer of locomotor ataxy is another example of tissue-necrosis due to

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as involving exudation into the mucosa itself — a condition resulting,

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measures. Chilblains attack persons of this habit, and those of gouty in-

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also partook of wine and other drinks. It is very probable that the

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found also in ulcerative endocarditis (without pneumonia), idiopathic

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that the poisonous secretions of the newly-formed part gain access to

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X. 6. — 23. Roehrig. Die Physiologic der Uaut expei-imentell und kritisch bearbeitet.

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and obliteration of the vessel, anaemic necrosis results. The arrest of the

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to printed rules. The food must not stand too long, or it will become

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gradually covering a larger and larger area ; but he believes that in addi-

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magnesium, calcium, and iron; combined with hydrochloric, sulphuric,

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rhagic infiltration of the greater part of the large intestines. The livej- is

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where is a subject of considerable importance and interest. Man, of all

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may often be found useful ; dysmenorrhoea is likewise occasionally treated

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and unshaken basis. The fault lies not in the art, but in the unworthy,

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specially ordered, or the effects of the anaesthetic have passed off ; but

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painful to the patient, and open to so much abuse, that it is little likely

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Etiology in Man. — The following conditions may be taken as neces-

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There are certain localities in all countries which have seldom or never

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kind of muscular motion at the wings and at the root j on the left side,

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and eventually embolism of the posterior tibial artery) : from this state

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was in motion. In the course of three weeks from the time I first saw

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tumours. The use of fresh sheep serum was equally inefficacious in car-

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creased flow of blood to the part, but also increased formative activity

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shown how much that was previously vague has been made clear by

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these outrageously antiphlogistic measures, but the ensuing prostration

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appears to be less common in this country than in other regions. The

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well devised little treatise on elementary anatomy, calculated to create m,

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well, when the diphtheria breaks out again in full vigour, and will proba-

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no constant increase in the respiration rate ; the character of the respira-

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1888,1.28-32.-22 Leyden. Centralblatt f. klin. Medicin,l%?>'i,\i\Q.—2Z. Kan-

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appear to them to have been done but yesterday. Could the history <^

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unacquainted with the exact relation of these forms to each other, it

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by more or less extensive ulcerations affecting the Peyer's patches in the

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