excess is largely due to a continuation of the formation and absorption of the
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which are infected ? Strong has reported that in INIanila cholera is un-
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The Biuret Reaction. — Add to the urine a lo per cent, solu-
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practitioner of the importance of using this remedy in the treatment of each
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distribution of the cells, an unusually large number being held back in the
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desist. He had found the appointing of examiners in har-
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in some cases the follicles in the intestine may show some swelling. The
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Finally, any condition which lowers bodily resistance may
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zation with serum, antibodies directed against the albuminous constituents
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described, the constancy of the lesion shown and the term "Fievre typhoide"
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opened, and we find a great part of the pulmonary parenchyma in a state
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manner, has the sanction of high authority, but such a view cannot be
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between mortality of males and females is much greater in
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it is well to make a free and thorough incision early. Aspiration has been
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This is readily done by filtering a certain quantity and
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Charcot Now and again there is given to medicine a man
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The urine is scanty, high-colored, albuminous, bloody and contains blood-
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cf local infections of tissues that stand in immediate communication with
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ever having had tj-phoid fever. Pratt has collected 5 such cases.
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complicating factor, an acute parenchymatous nephritis —
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neutralizes an acid poison remains to be shoAvn. After the third or fourth
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Such a man would be strong in his protection of the com-
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ing the continuance of the syphilitic influence long after
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The following are the diseases in which renal casts are
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have shown that the death-rate increases with the length of the journey.
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seems necessary to add to (1) pandemic influenza vera and (2) endemic-
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Many serious outbreaks of diphtheria are due to individuals who have a
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gain a reputation for success in handling the disease and it is apt to have
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although the surface temperature is subnormal, while in the rectum it may
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during twenty years, — 1878 to 1898. O. Muller states that this percentage
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sided pneumonia is said to be more frequently complicated by otitis media.

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